Heidelberg Lintels is a long established steel supplier and fabricator supplying Melbourne builders from simple window lintels to main structural steel beams for large constructions. The business has operated since 1974 has an enviable reputation of providing a reliable and efficient service to our customers.

Our Company is based at 21-23 Mologa Road West Heidelberg, with facilities set up to supply customers with a safe reliable and efficient service. Our capability includes the supply and installation of steel.

We have two overhead cranes in our factory which enables to carry in excess of 60 tonne of stock, including lintels, retaining wall steel and structural beams.

We have a modern crane truck with a 12 metre reach which delivers steel to our customers all over Melbourne. Our onsite team have vehicles fitted out with all necessary tools and equipment to ensure steel is erected safely and in accord with engineering requirements.

Detailed quotations are provided on request. Drawings can be emailed to us and quotation supplied very soon afterwards.

We will site measure jobs to ensure steel is prepared accurately.

We offer in-house drafting which can provide 3-D drafting and detailed shop drawings no matter how complex a project. This ensures steel is assembled on site in an efficient and safe manner.